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The Metal Roofing Channel shows how to install a pre-fabricated roofing curb from Roof Products, Inc.

Design Build Dateline MagazineThe advent of the design-build process has brought about many innovations and advantages in the construction industry. However, the process has experienced some lack of coordination among the parties. One example of this is showing up in specifications that can, ultimately, lead to big problems for the project.

In the case of roof accessories, studies show that the result is roof leaks in the building and costly lawsuits against architects. Primarily, this can be traced to improper roof equipment support.

School Planning & Management Roof Curbs Prevent Leaking ProjectsCurb Your Roof

It doesn't matter that you've installed the highest-quality roof if you use the low-quality or improperly installed roof curbs.

It took a hailstorm in Sherman Texas (a suburb 50 miles north of Dallas, population 32,774), to call attention to the sad shape of the roof covering the town's high school: The 20 year old roof was built almost dead level, so water pooled in pond-like areas atop this flat as a pancake design. The hail damage only intensified the deterioration, and the entire covering leaked like a sieve onto the people below. The solution was to rip away the existing roof structure and rebuild, creating helpful drainage slopes along the way, as part of a total renovation project.

Retail Construction Magazine - Roof Curbs Can Prevent LeaksCareful Selection of Roofing Curbs can alleviate leaking problems.

You are confident that the roof you chose for your retail project will be dependable. It's a big expense. You chose roof-mounted equipment carefully. You can relax, right? Wrong. Improper roof curbs can be a disaster waiting to happen.

Curbs that cannot be flashed in correctly, such as curbs furnished by some skylight and equipment manufacturers, are the main cause of future roof leaks. The culprit is lack of coordinatoin between the architect, specification writer and mechanical engineer. Specifications should be listed in the 07720, roof accessories, section, for structural insulated, fully finished, pitched roof curbs.



Double Specification of Roof Curbs - Specifier MagazineDouble Specification of Roof Curbs

During my 31-year career of promoting and manufacturing Prefabricated Roof Curbs (commonly referred to as PFRCs) for roof-mounted equipment, I have often seen the improper specification of these curbs. In most instances, they are shown in two pairs of a specification for the same project. This is caused by lack of coordination between the architect, specification writer, and mechanical engineer. The result is a leaky roof due to improper construction and installation.

MasterFormat puts Prefabricated Roof Curbs in “Section 0720--Roof Accessories”. They do not belong in any other section, especially not in “Section 15700--Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Equipment”.

Tips for Successful Specifications

  • Specify roof curbs in section 07720. (Include a footnote in the Mechanical and Skylight sections that reads, “all roof curbs are specified in 07720.”)

  • Curb installation should be a part of the roof deck, not on top of insulation or roofing materials.

  • Curbs should be a minimum of eight inches above the finished roof and factory-insulated to reduce condensation.

  • Pressure-treated nailers should be provided by the curb manufacturer to receive roofing felts and eliminate noise transfer.

  • Curbs should be sloped to avert water ponding.

  • Structural roof curbs can be factory-designed and manufactured using a wide range of materials and weights, and with many options, such as burglar bars.




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The quality of our systems are the very reason we exist. It is just as important today as it was when we started that our roof curbs be designed to withstand the elements.


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