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About US

Who We Are

Roof Products, Inc. (RPI) has specialized in manufacturing prefabricated roof curbs and other roof accessories nationwide for more than 45 years. We have provided many solutions for the industry as well as training for Architects and Engineers in the proper detailing and specifying of prefabricated roof curbs. Roof Products, Inc. manufactures a complete line of roof curbs, expansion joints, equipment supports, adapters, or any type of penetration for new or retrofit projects plus supplies skylights, smoke vents, and roof hatches. Roof Products Inc., is a company that also offers roof curb surveys on existing projects.

Robert Banicki - Founder of Roof Products, Inc. was instrumental in creating the original pre-fabricated Roof Curb specification under division 07720 Roof Accessories. He was also responsible for many of the various roof curbs designed to mate with miscellaneous roof systems. He is widely recognized as the foremost authority in the prefabricated roof curb field. Roof Products, Inc. has been the catalyst for specifying curbs architecturally (instead of in other sections) to assure proper coordination and one source responsibility. Roof Products, Inc. is a member of the Construction Specifications Institute.

We Are Family

We Make The Difference - Roof Curbs Are Our Passion.

Roof Products, Inc. is very proud of each individual we work with and we feel we could not have built a better team over the years that always strives to do the best job possible.  We always go above and beyond, usually at the request of our very own team.  The very goal of Roof Products, Inc. is to create a more dependable roofing curb solution and the core of that goal is our dependable people.  We take care of you and your needs as if you were family too.




Our Passion

Our passion is our product and our goal is your satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most effective roof curbs in the industry.

Our Solution

Work with Architects and Engineers to design and deliver watertight curbs.

We Always Create a Difference

We understand the complex tasks set before Engineers and Architects. Our Products and Services are designed to make a difference.
Contact Us

America's Roofing Curb Experts

Roof Products, Inc. has built it's reputation on changing the roofing curb industry for the Architect, the Builders, the Safety and Reliability of the Buildings and for the Property Owner. When it comes to roof curbs and architectural roofing penetration solutions, Roof Products, Inc. is the original and the only source for perfect products every time. Contact us today to see how we can help with your Roof Product needs.


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